I am a people person. If you have interacted with me on any level, you know that I love being around people and giving to people–especially my “people”. One of the things I love about teaching and the field of Education is connecting with people and the way educators partner with one another to create meaningful learning experiences and opportunities for students. When I was a classroom teacher, I looked forward to weekly PLCs where I could partner with my “people” to create exciting lessons and learning experiences for students. I have attended many professional developments that were amazing opportunities for growth. But, none of them can compare to the growth that I have experienced partnering with my team and fellow classroom teachers. Yeah, I’m going to say it again…my “people”!

I LOVE being around teachers! I love learning with my fellow teachers, learning from my fellow teachers, and–most importantly–helping fellow teachers grow in all areas of the profession. When teachers grow, students are the beneficiaries of the seeds that were planted in our hearts and mind. When we learn something new and willing to try something new, we create more opportunities for our students to grow and thrive. When I fully began to understand the effects of me seeking every opportunity to grow and help grow others, I  begin to view the way I connected with other educators differently. No matter who you are, when you come in contact with me rather it is face-to-face or virtually, I want you to know that you are one of my “people” and I want you to win. Because, when you win, your students win and that is what it is all about. 

In August of 2017, I started TwistED Teaching Consulting Company because I wanted to support educators in “twisting the way teaching and learning” happens in their classrooms through culturally relevant, culturally responsive, engaging, and realistic learning opportunities designed to meet the diverse needs of students. In 2020, I released my first book REAL LOVE because I wanted to help educators cultivate the mindset necessary for culturally relevant, or culturally responsive, teaching and equip them with the tools, necessary to reach all students, but most importantly–our most vulnerable students. Now, in an effort to continue expanding my reach and meeting my people where they are, YouTube has become my new way of connecting with, reaching, and growing “my people”.  As an extension of the work that I do with TwistED Teaching, my YouTube channel–TwistED Teaching– has allowed me to serve and support my “people” whenever and wherever they are and that’s what I love the most. Now, more than ever, we need our “people” who are committed to connecting with us, being there for us, and bringing out the best in us and YouTube is allowing me to do this for every educator who hits subscribe.  

Creating a YouTube channel has become my new way of connecting with other educators, and learning from other educators. While new people are finding me, I am also finding new people as well as new and exciting ways to meet the needs of my students–who are my most important “people”– and make learning fun. I must admit, this journey was initially intimidating but the growth and support that has come from it were worth putting myself out there. Most importantly, I am modeling for my students’ vulnerability and how social media can be a powerful tool to make meaningful connections with, and give your talents and gifts to, your “people”; My “people” just so happen to be my fellow teachers. Who are yours? 


Alexes M. Terry is a wife, mom, educator, and founder of TwistED Teaching Educational Consulting Company. She is also a doctoral student, pursuing a Ph.D. in Urban Education, and the author of REAL LOVE: Strategies for Reaching Students When The See No Way Out which was inspired by her passion for supporting educators in using Culturally Relevant strategies to create equitable learning experiences and opportunities for all students. Being a mom of four, she is always on the go (on the trampoline and playing soccer) but you can keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re looking for ways to “twist” the way teaching and learning happens in your classroom or school, you can subscribe to Alexes’ newsletter or YouTube channel for weekly strategies and resources on creating culturally relevant learning spaces that see all students, educate all students, and empower all students.