"Twist" The Way
You Do Teaching

TwistEd Teaching is an educational consultancy company with the goal of helping teachers and school districts “twist” their approach to pedagogy and student engagement. We provide professional development guidance in creating culturally responsive learning environments, curriculum development, and coaching. Our goal is to help educators and administrators create learning environments that are equitable, culturally relevant, and responsive, engaging, and attentive to student needs. By “twisting” our approach to teaching, we can develop educational practices that support all students and lead to a brighter future for everyone.

twisted teaching consultant

REAL LOVE offers strategies that are rooted in the theory and practices of Culturally Responsive and Reality Pedagogy. Alexes Terry challenges educators to reconsider outdated and oppressive educational practices, and pushes them to create learning environments, education experiences, and lessons that are equitable, engaging, and enlightening, and which will meet the social, emotional, cultural, and academic needs of all students.

Alexes M. Terry

I am the founder and lead Instructional Success Consultant with TwistED Teaching Educational Consulting. As a native of Los Angeles, my experiences growing up in a community and attending schools negatively affected by gang-violence, drug abuse, and poor teaching inspired me to enter the field of education. I am a professional educator with 10 years of experience teaching, coaching, mentoring, and leading educators. I believe that coaching parents, leaders and teachers to success is more than just a profession or a passion, it is my ministry. Through TwistED Teaching, my overall goal is to change the lives of students through one empowered leader at a time.

We Need All Hands On Deck


“We might be in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat. While some are cruising through this pandemic-storm on a cruise liner, others are deep in the waters and holding on to a...

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Recognizing Culturally Responsive School Leaders


I have a friend who is a high school principal in the DFW area. Often when we talk, I will always ask him, “How are the Black students?” I am never ashamed of asking campus leaders how a...

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The REAL LOVE That Our Hearts Need

Overcome Obstacles

Every week, I look at my rosters, and I think about the ONEs I need to go after. Who are the ones that are not logging in? How can I go after them? Who are the ones not completing assignments? How...

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The Hard Topics

Engage Students

I remember it was my third year teaching and I had just received my Master’s Degree in Sociology with an emphasis on race studies. I was tasked with teaching Dual Credit Sociology to high...

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You Are Safe Here


What we choose to ignore speaks volumes about who we are and what students can expect from us. ...

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The Importance of Teaching Our Kids about Financial Literacy

Consider Their Future

A.K.A. Why Should You Teach Your Kid How to Manage Their Money and a Few Tips on Getting Started. “The Old Saying” Remember the old saying, “What they don’t know won’t hurt...

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