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At TwistED Teaching, we’re passionate about infusing our REAL LOVE framework into every aspect of education, including teacher holistic wellness. We offer professional development, curriculum guidance, and coaching to help educators and districts twist their approach to teaching while prioritizing teacher well-being. Our goal? To create equitable, culturally responsive, and engaging learning environments that support both student and teacher needs. With our REAL LOVE approach, we’re reshaping education for a brighter and healthier future in education.
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REAL LOVE offers strategies that are rooted in the theory and practices of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. Through this book, Alexes Terry challenges educators to reconsider outdated and oppressive educational practices and pushes them to cultivate and sustain learning environments, education experiences, and lessons that are equitable, engaging, and enlightening, and will meet the social, emotional, cultural, and academic needs of all students–especially those who have given up on the education system, and life, because they see no other way out.

Meet Alexes M. Terry!

Alexes M. Terry is an educator, author, researcher, TwistED Teaching Educational Consulting Company founder, and a Certified Wellness Coach. She is passionate about coaching and supporting educators in cultivating and sustaining culturally responsive learning spaces without compromising their social, emotional, cultural, or overall wellness needs as educators. As a native of Los Angeles, her experiences growing up in a community, and attending schools, negatively affected by gang violence, drug abuse, and poor teaching inspired her to enter the field of education. Her struggles to show up in classrooms as her REAL self pushed her into the field of wellness. Alexes is a professional educator and scholar with over a decade of experience in teaching, coaching, mentoring, and leading educators. She believes that coaching educators to pedagogical and personal success is more than just a profession or a passion, it is her ministry. Through TwistED Teaching, her overall goal is to change students’ and educators’ lives through the power of REAL LOVE.

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