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TwistED Teaching is an Educational Consultant Company that strives to “twist” the way teaching and learning is done in urban schools. We provide support to districts, campuses, teachers, and parents in the areas of culturally responsive pedagogy, reality pedagogy, curriculum development, and overall, coaching educators on how to create a learning environment that is engaging, relevant, and produces positive student outcomes. 
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Alexes M. Terry

I am the founder and lead Instructional Success Consultant with TwistED Teaching Educational Consulting. As a native of Los Angeles, my experiences growing up in a community and attending schools negatively affected by gang-violence, drug abuse, and poor teaching inspired me to enter the field of education. I am a professional educator with 10 years of experience teaching, coaching, mentoring, and leading educators. I believe that coaching parents, leaders and teachers to success is more than just a profession or a passion, it is my ministry. Through TwistED Teaching, my overall goal is to change the lives of students through one empowered leader at a time.

Take Your Game Face Off

Be Authentic

When students enter our spaces, we must be mindful that some of them may feel as if there is no reason to smile. ...

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Where Is Your Focus?


Why placing connections over content is beneficial to students overall success....

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What Pages Taught Me About Having A Growth Mindset

Overcome Obstacles

Having a growth mindset is necessary, at all times, when in the field of education....

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Why Graduate School Has Been The Best PD Opp For Me…

Engage Students

It seems that this year’s theme for me, personally and professionally, has been #growthmindset. If you follow me any on Twitter, lately I have been doing a lot of tweeting about how I am pushing...

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Relationship Building Is A Must

Engage Students

Each student walks into your classroom with a story; a story that you, as the educator, must know. ...

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Your Students Are Only Happy As You Are

Learning Environment

Teaching can be mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting, especially if you are not properly taking care of your mind, body, and soul while outside of the classroom. Some may disagree with...

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