"Twist" The Way
You Do Teaching

TwistED Teaching is an Educational Consultant Company that strives to “twist” the way teaching and learning is done in urban schools. We provide support to districts, campuses, teachers, and parents in the areas of culturally responsive pedagogy, reality pedagogy, curriculum development, and overall, coaching educators on how to create a learning environment that is engaging, relevant, and produces positive student outcomes.
twisted teaching consultant

Rooted in the theories of Culturally Responsive and Reality pedagogy, Alexes challenges educators to reconsider outdated and oppressive educational practices and pushes them to create learning environments, experiences, and opportunities that equitable, restorative, and will meet the social, emotional, cultural, and academic needs of all students.

Alexes M. Terry

I am the founder and lead Instructional Success Consultant with TwistED Teaching Educational Consulting. As a native of Los Angeles, my experiences growing up in a community and attending schools negatively affected by gang-violence, drug abuse, and poor teaching inspired me to enter the field of education. I am a professional educator with 10 years of experience teaching, coaching, mentoring, and leading educators. I believe that coaching parents, leaders and teachers to success is more than just a profession or a passion, it is my ministry. Through TwistED Teaching, my overall goal is to change the lives of students through one empowered leader at a time.

Have We Counted the Cost?

Consider Their Future

When you decided to get into teaching, you did it for several reasons. Most teachers joined the profession because we have a passion for educating and reaching students. We want to change the world...

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Just Ask

Engage Students

..And yet, one of the worst things a teacher can do, and one that is not entirely uncommon, is to ignore the culture of their students. ...

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Sustaining Joy through Challenges

Be Authentic

Never underestimate how sharing your personal joy work can have a positive impact on others especially during these continued times of uncertainty. ...

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Prioritizing Social Emotional Learning in the Age of COVID-19

Overcome Obstacles

For many of our learners, being present at a physical school building, and having a relationship with an educator is essential for their health and well being. It is the source of stability, peer...

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The Quiet Kid


I have stopped counting how many times I have heard colleagues say “I have an Asian kid and she is so good because she is quiet” or “Asian kids help our test scores” and the most recent,...

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10 Rules for the Powerful Virtual Teacher

Be Authentic

“Students need to hear the joy in your voice and see the smile on your face, even if you have to fake it.” After centuries of traditional classroom instruction, teachers and students across the...

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