R.E.A.L. L.O.V.E.


In REAL LOVE: Strategies for Reaching Students in Inner-City Schools, Alexes uses her personal stories and professional experiences to empower and equip educators with strategies that can be implemented, immediately, to support students in urban schools.

Rooted in the theories of Culturally Responsive and Reality pedagogy, Alexes challenges educators to reconsider outdated and oppressive educational practices and pushes them to create learning environments, experiences, and opportunities that equitable, restorative, and will meet the social, emotional, cultural, and academic needs of all students. ​

REAL LOVE is not a mere acronym to Alexes. Instead, it is her call to action for all educators to take a new approach to the way teaching and learning happen in our schools and classrooms. She believes that a radical transformation to our educational practices will bring us closer to eliminating the “educational debt” that many students are faced with and greater successes among students in inner-city schools and communities.